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Analog Input and Output

This example shows how to receive analog input and give output in wave form via the arduino our code will perform the following opertions.

  • Disabling watchdog.

  • Creates a array object consisting of all the pins.

  • Executing infinite loop for read and write continuously through the I/O pins.

  • In the loop, Take input into the zeroth analog pin.

  • Make the input value ready to be sent through a digital pin.

  • Give output from the 13th digital pin.

    All these steps are implemented in just few lines of code

pub fn main() {
let watchdog = unsafe { WatchDog::new() };
let mut pins = Pins::new();
loop {
let a: u32 = pins.analog[0].read();
let b: u8 = map(a as u64, 0, 255, 0, 1023) as u8;
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